Commerce Cloud 交易云

Enable Boundless Business On Cloud 让生意从此不再有边界

Service Cloud

Service Customer Anytime and Anywhere with Seamless Customer Experience 随时随地服务客户,构建一致性客户体验

Dealer Agent Cloud 代理云

Empower your dealer and agents to excel 让您的经销商和代理商脱颖而出

Billing Cloud 计费云

Boost your business with smart billing 守护企业现金流, 助力企业商业成功


Beyond the connection, build the value of IoT connection 超越连接 构筑IoT连接价值

Smart Pricing Cloud 智能营销云

Maximize marketing campaign conversion rates and customer loyalty 让最大化营销活动转化率及客户忠诚度

Business Application Cloud, Reshaping Development Process 商业应用开发云服务开放平台,重塑商业应用开发流程
In traditional way, it is very expensive and time consuming job to create an enterprise app from development, testing, integration verification to deployment. The Business Application Cloud provides 全在线一站式商业应用开发和发布平台,开发者一键登录开启商业应用的开发、测试、部署、商用以及发布。
Any enterprise customers, no need to install software or anything else on local machine, all they need is to open the internet browser, apply and get the tenant account, and start to create/customize the enterprise app journey right away. 提供全生命周期数字资产管理,包括app、元数据对象、API等资产的沉淀复用、定制扩展以及上架变现等管理。
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  • Multi-terminal Support 多终端支撑

    Two sets of responsive page layouts (for web and mobile terminals) are supported. The frontend layout that adapts to the current terminal can be displayed when users use HTML5 to access the pages on mobile terminals. Users can have similar shopping experience through different channels. 页面支持Web、移动端两套响应式布局,用户使用移动端HTML5的访问方式,也可展示适应当前设备的前端布局,让用户在不同渠道可享受相似的购买体验。

  • Rapid Sign-in 快速登录

    The Commerce Cloud can connect to common social apps to allow rapid sign-in without complex sign-up. Users can sign in to the system more efficiently and conveniently. 支持与常用的社交应用对接,避免繁琐的注册流程,用户登录系统更高效便捷。

  • Recommendation and Ad Rotation 推荐&广告轮播

    The Commerce Cloud can recommend and advertise offerings, and provide users with suitable offerings, prices, preferences, and content at the right time. This can attract new users and strengthen relationships with existing users. 通过推荐和广告,主动向用户展示和宣传商品,在合适的时间向用户提供合适的商品、价格、优惠等内容,吸引新用户并增进与老用户的关系。

  • Convenient Payment Methods 便捷的支付方式

    Multiple mainstream payment methods are supported to facilitate order payment.  支持多种主流支付方式,方便用户使用自己常用的方式进行订单支付。

  • Shopping Cart 购物车

    The shopping cart is provided for various channels, and offerings in the shopping cart can be stored and managed. This enables users to have similar experience through different channels. 购物车为各接入渠道提供用户购物车以及购物车内商品的存储和管理功能,方便用户购买商品,保证了用户在不同渠道通过购物车订购商品时得到相似的体验。